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DigiTV is a video content portal that provides schools with its own online, branded television channel to which an audience can subscribe for as little as R 75.00 per month. It allows schools to interact with their stakeholders and the general public in a controlled interactive way. The main content categories are, but is not limited to, cultural activities, sport, academics and social responsibility initiatives.

It provides an ideal extension to any school’s communication strategy and will not only focus on events such as sport, assembly, matric farewells or plays, but also enable the school to produce academic review videos to assist students in preparation for exams or even to recap on certain classes.

It will also allow schools to reach its Social Responsibility goals, by streaming classes directly to previously disadvantaged schools.


Parents are very involved in their children’s school activities and there is a great interest in sharing such activities across various electronic platforms.


Access to high quality video content for students to access as extra lessons or revision for exam preparations at a minimal monthly subscription.  Focus on Maths, Science and Accounting.


DigiTV provides the school with an additional platform to showcase its achievements, while the quality of the content on its channel will speak for itself.

Social Responsiblity

Top quality teachers and classes made available to previously disadvantaged schools through a dedicated live stream or recorded content.  Contributes to pupil and teacher development.

Advantages for the school

  • Next generation communication tool
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Access to all stakeholders
  • Improved academic offering
  • Inclusive system
  • Social responsibility

Advantages for subscribers

  • Access to the “life” of the school
  • Active participation
  • Remote viewing
  • Potential cost saving to parents
  • Academic assistance
  • Portfolios and albums


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